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Positive Youth Crew Hardcore, Fresh out of Adelaide South Australia.


released July 8, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by Marcel @ The Blast Furnace July 3rd 2016

Black and White photography by Belle Ellery
Logo by Dips



all rights reserved


ALL IN Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Demons Of Doubt
sometimes my head is so clouded by doubt
feels like there is no fucking way out
i just want to be left to myself
but i'm sick of hiding like everyone else
so i move my body to clear my mind
it's up to me to redesign the way i feel to the positive
this downward spiral is no way to fucking live

break the chains in my mind
to this feeling i won't be confined
can't rely on anyone else
i get through by myself
and find a fucking way out
to escape these demons of doubt
Track Name: I've Changed
i made my choices but we all make mistakes
well i'll live with that but i live for today
i've fucking changed

yeah i've been there and i've done that
so it's time for a change
change for the better
a change could do me good
well it's about time i should change
Track Name: Through The Pain
when you're down, down and out
i know its easy to be consumed by the doubt
but just remember this fucking pain is only temporary

so don't think that way
believe in yourself
you've got it in you
just keep that PMA

embrace the passion in what you do
you've got the strength to get through
one positive thought change your day
just stay focused and you'll get through the pain

so don't think that way
believe in yourself
you've got it in you
just keep that PMA
Track Name: Defend, Conserve, Protect
the future is in our hands, it's time to draw a line in the sand
we must act now before there's nothing left

Defend Conserve Protect

here's to the ones that fight for ultimate justice
out on the sea to end the destruction

you can't break our spirit - the captain, the crew
lives on the line, we'll stop the harpoons
shepherds now soldiers - fight the threat
to stop the oceans waters from running blood red

you can't stop this movement
so join the alliance

Defend Conserve Protect

the oceans in the hands of a new generation
that won't back down and never retreat

Defend Conserve Protect
Track Name: All In
i want to believe in a better way
better for this world, better for ourselves
strive for more than we are today
more than this is a better way

we can be the best we can when we put all in with dedication

we're all in this together...